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Stealth Digital Bank sees 3x faster validation for feature rollouts

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Project Phoenix is a local stealth digital bank project concept that features elements of everyday banking and lifestyle.


The Seedly Advisory & Insights team worked closely with the product leadership team within a stealth Digital Bank project to validate features and acquire early Alpha and Beta users to test out iOS and Android.

"Working with Seedly has helped us acquire early users and feedback for our app faster than if we were to do it ourselves"

- Saurav Bhatia, Chief Product and Customer Officer at Project Phoenix

The project duration lasted from January to April 2021 and involved over 1,000 individuals from the Seedly community registered user base.

Essentially tapping on the Largest, Specialised & Engaged panels in personal finance, and younger demographic in Singapore.

Phase 1: User survey insights (6 x 100 pax each)

  • Naming of product app for mass-market audience in Singapore (4 concepts)

  • Testing of early features for early adopters of digital product on mobile app (iOS and Android)

  • Test high fidelity prototypes and mockups over a closed setting

  • Comparing features scope across competitors

Phase 2: Virtual 1-1s interviews (12 sessions)

  • Set up sessions for UX researcher to test concepts at all stages

  • Usability testing for key feature rollouts and sprint improvements

  • Identify key attributes and benchmark concepts against competitors

Phase 3: Alpha & Beta User Tests

(500 pax in the panel)

  • Set up closed community feedback for alpha & beta users

  • Proactive collection of user feedback via posts and qualitative

  • Organising educational events/ tutorials for onboarding users


If you might be interested to find out more, do contact for further inquiries.


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