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How Syfe Outperformed Top Robo-Advisor StashAway on Seedly

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

All information presented in this article is obtained from Seedly. No data was retrieved from Syfe or StashAway.

Syfe is one of the top-ranked Robo-Advisors on Seedly and has been active in the community since they were listed in August 2019. The business understands the power of customer reviews and the importance of interacting with consumers. They’ve been collecting reviews monthly, and Dhruv, the Founder and CEO of Syfe, even created a Seedly user profile and commented in prospects’ discussions.

So when the opportunity came for them to better manage of their Product Page and optimise it for acquisitions when we launched SeedlyBusiness in September 2020, they grabbed the chance and became one of our early adopters.

The Robo-Advisor category is competitive, and there has always been pressure to match one another’s performance. Before utilising the PRO SeedlyBusiness features, Syfe’s Unique Page Views (UPV) consistently ranked 2nd, far from top-ranked Robo-Advisor, StashAway’s.

1st time surpassing the top-ranked Robo-Advisor's UPV

Syfe answered a prospect's question with their Verified Business Profile

Coupled with their already established reviews collection practice, Syfe utilised the Verified Business Profile to participate in their prospects’ discussions and, for the first time since August 2019, commanded the highest UPV in Q1 of 2021.

  • End of Q1 2020: Syfe's UPV was 64% lesser than StashAway's

  • End of Q1 2021: Syfe's UPV was 25% more than StashAway's

In this Q1 year-on-year comparison, Syfe beat the most popular* StashAway's UPV for three consecutive months.

*Most popular product ranking is solely dependent on the following 3 criteria: Recency of reviews, Total volume of reviews, and Avg. Review ratings. Businesses are not allowed to pay or incentivise Seedly to rank their product pages higher.

StashAway also has a reviews collection practice, but lack consistent engagement with Seedly users, unlike Syfe. Participating in prospects’ discussions with a Verified Business Profile increases Syfe’s product discoverability across Seedly and assures the community that the information shared comes from a legitimate source.

Securing higher Clickouts and Click-through Rates (CTR) than StashAway

Syfe uses a variety of their PRO SeedlyBusiness Account features to increase their Clickouts and CTRs. The most distinct is the activated Clickout ("Apply Now" and "Visit Site") Buttons that directly connect prospects to their landing page. The Clickout Buttons enable acquisitions by providing users with a call-to-action and leading them straight to Syfe's registration page.

Syfe also embedded a Branded Video and displayed an Advertising Banner to keep their prospects engaged, giving them better insight into their products and services. The Advertising Banner also acts as a secondary channel for prospects to clickout to Syfe’s website.

We removed Clickout Buttons from all Unclaimed and LITE Product Pages from 22 February 2021. Thus, StashAway’s February Clickouts and Click-through Rates (CTR) are accurate to 21 February 2021.

Implementing these features (activate Clickout Buttons, embed Branded Video and display Advertising Banner) enabled Syfe to secure higher Clickouts and CTR than StashAway in Q1 2021.

  • January 2020: Syfe's Clickouts were 80% lesser than StashAway's

  • January 2021: Syfe's Clickouts were once again 17% more than StashAway's

Another benefit of a PRO SeedlyBusiness Account is the immediate removal of distractions from a Product Page. Syfe had the Popular Products Table and Google AdSense Banner automatically removed since they onboarded in mid-September 2020, ensuring that they don’t lose a single Clickout to their competitors.

With users heavily interacting with the first review, Syfe also Pinned their Favourite Customer Review to the top of the section, leaving a lasting first impression on prospects. To ensure that the reviews are relevant, Syfe also takes the extra step to update their Pinned Review regularly.

Today, Syfe continues to employ the best practices and optimise their Seedly Product Page performance with their reviews collection practice, constant engagement with the community, and PRO SeedlyBusiness Account features. Speak with us if you’d like to better manage your Product Page and enable acquisitions through Seedly as Syfe has too!


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