Insight into a Seedly User’s Journey: Optimise Your Product Page to Increase Conversion Rates

Updated: Jul 6

Where do your best leads come from? Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Google advertising, affiliate programs?

As a financial marketer or an affiliate manager, understanding how your leads travel to you and knowing which channels are responsible for funnelling great customers can better equip you to take strategic marketing actions.

It would be criminal to avoid Seedly if you’re looking to command the Singapore market. As Singapore’s biggest personal finance community, with over 9.1M* unique users and 7.3M* unique page views on our product and community pages, we’ve extensive insights into your prospect’s complete journey on our platform, from product discovery to purchase decision.

*Data from our SeedlyBusiness Year in Review 2020

By mapping the touchpoints of a prospect’s journey on the Seedly Product Pages, we aim to help you gain better insight into your prospects’ behaviours. This guide will equip you to make more informed decisions on optimising your Seedly Product Page to convert our users into your customers.

We run through:

  1. Verification

  2. Validation

  3. Reaffirmation

  4. Decision

  5. Action

The customer purchase journey often begins with need recognition and information search. More often than not, prospects looking for a financial product/service will land on one of Seedly’s community or content pages, and through their journey, will be redirected to a Product Page.

1. Verification

At your prospect’s first contact with you, they’re focused on authenticating your brand and ensuring information accuracy.

Check out this session recording of a user’s behaviour when he/she first lands on POEMS by PhillipCapital’s Seedly Product Page.

User verifying POEMS by PhillipCapital's Product Page
A real user verfiying POEMS by PhillipCapital's Product Page (data from Hotjar)

When prospects land on your Product Page, they immediately look for signs of verification. As a financial product/service, it’s crucial to present yourself as a trusted and credible business.

Seedly’s Tips

Take ownership and show prospects that there's a real company managing your products/services on Seedly when you Claim your Product Page and obtain a Verified Blue Tick.

OCBC FRANK Account's Claimed Product Page

Next, prospects scout for information. Some general details they expect to find are the requirements and restrictions for Savings Accounts and Credit Cards and general fees and performance for Investments and Insurance.

Seedly’s Tips

Keep in touch with us! Be in constant communication with the Seedly team and inform us of any revisions to update your Product Page’s information for prospects.

2. Validation

Now that prospects know that your Product Page is legitimate and trustworthy, they continue their journey in search of validation.

People trust people. Your prospects heavily depend on reviews to make their financial purchase decision. Just by displaying reviews, you can multiply the conversions of financial products and services by 3x!

“What product are others using?”

“Does this product make sense for me?”

“How does the product work?”

“What are others’ experiences with this product?”

Prospects now arrive at the Reviews section. At first glance, they notice your average ratings and the total number of reviews, then scroll down to read the snippets.

Highest interaction on FSMOne Fundsupermart's Pinned Review
A heatmap of clicks on FSMOne Fundsupermart's pinned review (data from Hotjar)

Seedly’s Tips

From our analysis, prospects most heavily interact with the first review. Pin your favourite review to the top of the Reviews section to ensure that you make a lasting first impression on prospects.

Reviews are the best way to inspire confidence in your product because they’re real insights into your product/service from real users. Grow user-generated content consistently to ensure you’ve got the right reviews.

You may read this Beginner’s Guide to Customer Reviews, where you’ll learn about the impact of reviews and the 4 characteristics of a useful review.

Seedly’s Tips

Collect reviews by integrating our free, one-time set-up Automated Reviews Collector Tool to your email service provider. Otherwise, manually run a reviews campaign.

Your prospects don’t just stop at reading reviews. They also check out a company’s comments.

User reading BRDGE's Comment posted with a Verified Business Profile
A real user checking out BRDGE's response to a negative review (data from Hotjar)

It’s only natural for a product to receive a poor review now and then. What matters is your response to the negative review and how you turn the situation around. It’s always better to tackle the issue at hand than leave the allegations open for speculation.

Seedly’s Tips

Thank your customers for a good review or address the poor review with a Verified Business Profile. A Verified Business Profile tells your prospects and customers that the comments made come from a legitimate source.

3. Reaffirmation

By this point, prospects have made a preliminary decision to purchase the product. They are conducting final checks to ensure that they have covered all grounds, taken note of important information, and don’t discover any dealbreakers.

Prospects who are new in their financial journey may also have a couple of questions concerning your product and may check out the Discussions section to seek opinions from their peers and your business.

User reading Syfe's Answer posted with a Verified Business Profile
A real user checking out Syfe's answer to a prospect's question (data from Hotjar)

Seedly’s Tips

Participate in Discussions using your Verified Business Profile and Pin your favourite Discussion to the top of the section. Make responses to a common discussion topic accessible to alleviate any prospects’ concerns. When you readily hand your prospects what they want, it shows that you have a deep understanding of your users and paves the way for a higher chance of a conversion.

User exiting from Minterest to Funding Societies' Product Page via the Popular Products Table
A real user exiting from Minterest to Funding Societies' Product Page via the Popular Products Table (data from Hotjar)

As prospects move around the Product Page to conclude their research and deep dive, they may chance upon your competitor's Product Pages (from the Popular Products Table) or Google AdSense banner. Right at the intersection before making a purchase decision, your prospects may be tempted to take a peek at your competitor’s offerings and hurry over to their page instead.

Seedly’s Tips

Remove distractions (i.e. Google AdSense banner and Popular Products Table) from your Product Page. But more importantly, give the users a reason to stay. Embed a branded video or display an advertising banner in place of your competitor’s links. Promote yourself with an in-depth video about your product/service or broadcast your brand values to keep your prospects engaged and help them understand your business better.

4. Decision

Now, your prospects are convinced that your product’s best suited for their needs and require a fin