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SeedlyBusiness Year in Review 2020

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The pandemic shed light on the importance of financial literacy and fueled Singaporeans’ interest in personal finance.

Seedly, Singapore's Biggest Personal Finance Community

We welcomed more than 9.1M Unique Users.

We had over 7.3M Unique Page Views on Product and Community Pages combined.

High-intent prospects showed an interest in financial products and services with 137k Unique Clickouts and 5k Unique Video Clicks.

Disclaimer: The features to display an Advertising Banner and embed a Branded Video were only made available to PRO Accounts when we launched SeedlyBusiness in September 2020.


Financial Products/Services to Manage Personal Finances

We enabled the community to discover 181 new financial products and services on Seedly.

We introduced 6 new product categories to the Seedly community.


Vibrant and Robust Discussions within the Community

We grew 11k reviews about financial products and services.

The community asked 13.3k questions and fueled active discussions that received 34.1k answers.

Expert contributors penned 167 Opinions in less than 4 months.

Disclaimer: Opinions was launched on 15 September 2020 for expert contributors only.


Businesses embrace online reputation and brand trust as consumers are pulling tighter on their purse strings and better informed to make discerning evaluations of their financial purchases.

Legitimacy and Trustworthiness of Financial Products/Services

The community can trust that 77 Product Pages are managed by a real company and information shared comes from a legitimate source. Companies are taking ownership of their Product Pages.

77 Claimed Product Pages in 2020

Business partners showed prospects and customers that they are valued by writing 72 Comments and 140 Answers with their Verified Business Profile.

72 Comments and 140 Answers responded to using Verified Business Profile

Disclaimer: The Verified Business Profile was only made available to SeedlyBusiness Accounts when we launched SeedlyBusiness in September 2020.


Reviews that Strengthen Social Proof

Financial products and services on Seedly received 11k reviews, accumulating a total of 19k reviews.

10,998 new reviews in 2020

Performance-based Benefits to Improve Online Reputation and Increase Conversions

We concluded 2020 with 24 Product Plans displaying Exclusive Promotional Texts and 14 businesses embedding SeedlyReviews Badges on their landing pages.

Disclaimer: Performance-based Benefits are awarded to products/services with a Claimed Product Page, ≥100 reviews, a 3.6 rating & 10 new reviews growth monthly.


Achieve Your Branding and Acquisition Goals in 2021

We launched SeedlyBusiness in September 2020 to help you improve your online reputation and brand trust to acquire customers more efficiently through Seedly. Here's why and how we'll help you build brand trust in 4 simple steps.


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