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5 Benefits of Answering Questions on Seedly

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

In the modern consumer purchase journey, consumers are always on the hunt for answers to any doubts or questions. Thus, we built a discussion platform so these savvy consumers can voice their questions and glean useful responses from conversations with the community and businesses. In case you’re not familiar with our discussion platform, all Seedly users can post discussions and leave answers about any lifestyle or personal finance topics. Other users can also upvote a comment that they find helpful. If knowledgeable users are already attending to these queries on Seedly, why do we still advise businesses to get involved? Here, we share 5 benefits from answering questions on Seedly:


1. Generate brand awareness and reach the 97%

According to Chet Holmes’ Demand Generation Pyramid, only 3% of consumers are ready to purchase your product/service. The remaining 97% are not actively seeking your product/service. How then do you reach the masses to educate them about your brand and not spend hundreds on advertisements? By participating in discussions on Seedly. When you participate in discussions on Seedly, you’re interacting with a broader community instead of the limited 3%. The discussions on Seedly are categorised by industry or themes, so you have the opportunity to connect with consumers who have an interest in your niche but aren’t necessarily aware of your brand. To get your brand out there:

  1. Get up close and personal with our Seedly users

  2. Speak with your prospects as you would in real life and avoid being overly promotional or pushy

  3. Offer genuine help and customise your communications to the needs of different discussion-posters

2. Improve search engine optimisation (SEO)

In the screenshot below, we see that WhizComms Broadband's Seedly Product Page ranks 2nd on Google's Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when we search the brand term "WhizComms Broadband".

From what Google lets on, we know that they prefer descriptive, complete, and up to date websites. Commenting in multiple discussions tagged to your product fulfils these conditions and helps Google understand your website. Regularly responding in discussions with keywords, unique copy, and meaningful ideas is a simple way to build a library of content optimised for the Google search engine. Ranking high on Google’s SERP helps you become a top-of-mind product when prospects look for a related financial product/service.

3. Get views across various Seedly pages

On Seedly, all discussions tagged to a product are hosted on the Seedly Product Page. That means your comments aren’t only getting views from a discussion thread but possibly also from your competitors’ Seedly Product Pages! When prospects are browsing your competitors’ Seedly Product Page and instead chance upon your responses posted with a Verified Business Profile, it may pique their interest and direct them to your Product Page instead. That’s a solid inbound strategy to earn your prospects’ attention. In the same way, ensure that you always comment on all prospects’ discussions tagged to your product, so competitors don’t stand a chance.

Most consumers also land on Seedly via our blog content or discussion threads, then conclude their journey on a selected product’s Seedly Product Page. By commenting on discussions on Seedly, you’ll get to positively influence your prospects every step of the Seedly user journey.

PRO SeedlyBusiness Account tips

  1. Pin your favourite discussion, so it always stays at the top of the section on your Product Page

  2. Your comments on any prospect's discussions tagged to your product are always featured on your Seedly Product Page

4. Enjoy extra publicity

It’s no secret that we don’t sell blog advertorials at Seedly to maintain our content integrity. However, there are still a couple of “hacks” to score more publicity and reach our Seedly users 😉

Every week, Seedly curates a couple of trending discussions, accompanied with the most helpful comments, and lists them on our marketing emails to our subscribed users. So all you’ve got to do is provide detailed and wholesome responses to relevant trending discussions.

Given that we strongly encourage discussions on Seedly, it’ll come as no surprise that we celebrate these good behaviours by advertising them on our LinkedIn page. Routinely, we select and feature Product Pages that perform several recommended behaviours; that includes commenting on discussions with a Verified Business Profile.

5. Seedly is a Trusted Brand

Seedly is Singapore’s largest personal finance community with 1.1 million monthly unique users, and we’re a trusted platform for digital-savvy millennials. As a niche platform, consumers looking for financial products/services will have more confidence in the content on Seedly than generic forums on Quora or Hardware Zone. Most consumers also land on Seedly via our blog content or discussion threads, then conclude their journey on a selected product’s Seedly Product Page. By participating in discussions on Seedly, you’ll get to positively influence your prospects every step of the Seedly user journey.


Chances are, your business has a Customer Service or Public Relations Playbook and is well equipped to answer the variety of questions that consumers have. If you’re worried about requiring extra resources to man the discussion platform, our notification centre pings you every time you receive a discussion tagged to your Seedly Product Page. We also curate a list of trending discussions related to your vertical or industry that you may like to respond to. Engaging your prospects and attending to their concerns is a golden opportunity to improve your brand reputation and increase revenue in the long term. Get the most out of our discussion platform and SeedlyBusiness features. To start participating in discussions on Seedly with a Verified Business Profile, indicate your interest here and we’ll attend to you shortly.


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