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5 Reasons Why You Should Respond to All Customer Reviews

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Outstanding customer service is a crucial differentiator for companies — revenue rides on relationships and the strong trust that builds upon the foundation of the business. Your journey to increase discoverability and acquisitions doesn’t stop at reviews collection. With visibility of your customer’s experiences online, go the step further to address and engage them. Did you know that 52% of customers expect businesses to respond to their reviews in 7 days? Yet, few companies reply to customer reviews, questions or comments at all, much less within a week. Responding to reviews isn’t just about managing your online reputation but an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and strengthen brand trust. Here are 5 reasons why you should respond to every single review:


1. Show customers that you care

According to research by Feefo, only 39% of consumers think that companies consider their feedback, with another 39% uncertain and 22% thinking businesses don’t bother. So when you start responding to all reviews, you differentiate yourself from competitors and exceed your customers’ expectations. Show that you mean what you say about service excellence and being consumer-centric. Walk the talk when you reply to all customer reviews, whether long or short, good or bad.

Too often, companies cherry-pick reviews to respond and are only willing to spend the time and effort responding to a negative review. What about the customers who took the extra step to leave a glowing review for no rewards? When you only reply to negative reviews, it shows people that you’re more invested in your reputation than consumers. It shows that your business is pompous and combative and not necessarily interested in the customers. Prove that you practice what you preach and award all customers with equal attention and care.

2. Build brand loyalty for customer retention

Impress your customers when you acknowledge their review. When you respond to reviews, you’re remarketing to existing customers. On Seedly, reviewers receive a notification when you respond to their review.

We recommend using a Verified Business Profile (accompanied by a Verified Blue Tick) to comment on your customer reviews. It shows that you respect your clients when you respond with a real and legitimate account. Consumers will feel appreciated when they see that your company listens to what they have to say and gets in touch with them individually. Your reply also reminds customers why they liked your product or service and helps to maintain brand loyalty for retention. It’s not always about acquiring new customers, but also about keeping your current user base. According to Frederick Reichheld, a 5% increase in customer retention contributes more significant than a 25% increase in profits for financial services.

Don’t be too caught up with accumulating new accounts that you neglect your existing ones. When you care about their experiences, your consumers have a higher chance of repurchasing and will spread the word. Keep in mind that your customers are the best advocates! A simple response like “thank you” does much to build brand trust and loyalty. Always forge and maintain a cordial relationship with all your customers.

3. Collect even more reviews

Prospects often read and compare user-generated content, as well as the businesses’ response. Your comments are testimony that you really mean customer service and aren’t just paying lip service.

The moment these prospects become your customers, they’ll be more inclined to leave a review because they’re assured that you will hear their feedback.

4. Be transparent and kept accountable

Publicly hold your company fully accountable to all customers. By responding to all reviews, you’re being transparent and committing to your users. Responding to all reviews activates all the stakeholders to keep your business in check and responsible for making good on your word. If you receive a negative review, own up to your mistakes and rectify the issue. Being transparent is far from a weakness and is crucial to building trust with your customers.

Everyone knows that there’s no perfect company. So instead of ignoring all reviews or only addressing negative ones, why not be honest and attend to all? Engage your users and take ownership of both your successes and failures.

5. Promote further engagement

Have a conversation with customers. Customers who feel heard and appreciated are more willing and open to provide more comprehensive feedback.

Responding to negative reviews tactfully to resolve the issue may prompt your customers to re-rate your business. When you speak with dissatisfied customers, you’ll realise that it’s often a misunderstanding or something minor that only requires a small fix. And when provided with a reasonable resolution, these customers may not only update their review to reflect a more wholesome and balanced view. They may also turn into your loyal users.

Continue the discussion when you respond to all reviews. If you’ve got a raving review, then don’t miss out on the opportunity to listen to more from your happy customers and make their experience better. If you have a poor review, then take charge of your narrative and get your voice heard.


With people keenly observing a company’s service, responding to all reviews is essential for your business to thrive. Even if you’ve never responded to reviews or only responded to a selective few, there’s no better time than now to begin. Commenting on all reviews, acknowledging your customers’ praises or criticism can make a world of difference in acquiring new users and extending the lifetime value of current ones. Be genuine about putting your customers at the heart of everything you do, and soon, responding to reviews will be second nature.

Would you like to connect with your customers using a Verified Business Profile? Speak with us to get started.


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