6 Benefits of Email Marketing

Has email marketing taken a backseat with social media, search engine marketing (SEM), and influencer advertising as the trending terms these days? Even though we see more talk about the importance of social media presence and more hype with affiliate advertising, email marketing may still be the most reliable method to gain customer engagement and maintain consistent relationships with your customers. According to HubSpot, there are currently 3.9 billion daily email users globally, with 73% of millennials preferring businesses to reach out to them via email. SaleCycle also found that 59% of people’s purchase decisions are influenced by email marketing, with over 50% of them buying from marketing emails at least once a month. Let’s dive further to determine if it is worth it to allocate your limited resources to email marketing. We cover:

  1. What is email marketing

  2. 6 benefits of email marketing

  3. Better targeting and customisation

  4. Increase lead generation

  5. Cost-effective and time-efficient

  6. Reputation management

  7. Relationship management

  8. Long term

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a combination of direct and digital marketing. Email marketing goals are to promote awareness of your brand, educate customers about your product/service, or build relationships with prospects through emails. Some common types of marketing emails are:

  1. Welcome email

  2. Newsletter email

  3. Brand story email

  4. Educational email

  5. Promotional email

  6. Post-purchase email

  7. Re-engagement email

  8. Milestone email

  9. Review invitation email

  10. Sponsorship email

6 benefits of email marketing