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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is SeedlyBusiness?
    SeedlyBusiness is a business solution that helps you connect with your prospects and customers. Built by Seedly, Singapore's trusted, biggest personal finance community. SeedlyBusiness owners can build their online reputation, improve brand trust and increase their conversion rates. Request for a demo now!
  • Why should I Claim my Product Page?
    Claiming your Product Page tells your prospects and customers that there's a real company managing your products/services on Seedly. This adds an extra level of trust to your brand because you are taking ownership of your Product Page. Also, it's simple and you can get started for free, so why not?
  • What can a Verified Business Profile do?
    A Verified Business Profile allows you to interact with your prospects and customers directly with confidence. This tells them that the information shared on your Product Pages comes from a legitimate source.
  • What is a SeedlyReviews Badge?
    A SeedlyReviews Badge is a medal of honour for you to showcase your official reviews rating on your website, mobile applications and marketing collaterals. This acts as validation and approval from Seedly's 2 million-strong community. This is part of the Performance-based Benefits for products/services with ≥100 reviews, a 3.6 rating, 10 new reviews growth monthly & a SeedlyBusiness Account (LITE, Affiliate or PRO).
  • What are Promotional Texts?
    Promotional Texts refer to the Affiliate Deals that are available when you have an active SingSaver/eKos_connect Affiliate Partnership Agreement. Some examples include new sign-up bonus and bill rebates. Promotional Texts help you to convert high intent prospects and increase acquisition efficiency. Promotional Texts are only available as an Add-On. For Affiliate matters, please speak with SingSaver/eKos Connect.
  • How are the Promotional Texts displayed on Seedly?
    Promotional Texts are displayed on your Seedly product pages, category comparison pages, and questions widget. You may view the promotions from your SeedlyBusiness dashboard if you have Claimed your Product Page. Promotional Texts are only available as an Add-On. For Affiliate matters, please speak with SingSaver/eKos Connect.
  • What can I see on the Performance Dashboard?
    You will get insights into your Product Page performance on Seedly! This includes your reviews volume, rating, new reviews, new discussions tagged to your Product Page, monthly unique visitors, monthly reviews and ratings growth. This will give you data about how your prospects and customers are interacting with your Product Page.
  • What type of notifications will I receive from the Notification Centre?
    You will receive notifications for new reviews, discussions, comments, and upvotes on any comments, discussions or reviews that you have interacted with using your Verified Business Profile.
  • How do I use the Automated Reviews Collector Tool?
    You will receive a unique email address on your SeedlyBusiness dashboard. Paste the unique email address into your email marketing software's setting or in the BCC segment of the email you send to your customers. This will send a Reviews Invitation Email to your customers based on your preferred schedule. This is a one-time set-up and the tool will run automatically!
  • Can I delay sending my Reviews Invitation Emails?
    Yes, you may trigger the Reviews Invitation Emails to be sent on the day of your customers' purchase or up to 12 weeks from the day your marketing email is sent to your customers.
  • Can I pause sending the Reviews Invitation Emails?
    Yes, you may pause the Reviews Invitation Emails at your convenience directly from your SeedlyBusiness dashboard. Resuming the invitations only takes a click.
  • Can I monitor other admin users' activities?
    Yes, all account admins can see who has responded to the reviews and discussions from your SeedlyBusiness dashboard.
  • What are Clickout Buttons?
    Clickout Buttons are “Apply Now” and “Visit Site” Buttons on Product Pages, Category Comparison Pages, Product Widgets, and other Tools. Clickout Buttons host URLs that direct product discoverers to your destination landing pages. Clickout Buttons are only available as an Add-On. For Affiliate matters, please speak with SingSaver/eKos Connect.
  • How can Clickout Buttons help?
    Clickout Buttons help high-intent prospects reach your destination landing pages in one click to complete their purchases. Clickout Buttons are only available as an Add-On. For Affiliate matters, please speak with SingSaver/eKos Connect.
  • What type of Video can be displayed on my Product Page?
    You may display any marketing video that you have uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo. Please ensure that your content adheres to our community guidelines.
  • What type of Advertising Banner can be displayed on my Product Page?
    You may display any Advertising Banner you deem fit as long as your image is 708px by 500px and no larger than 100KB. Apart from image sizing restrictions, please avoid any coarse language, nudity or politically sensitive information for both the background and text overlay (where applicable) of the banner. If you have an active SingSaver/eKos_connect Affiliate Partnership Agreement, let us know if you'd like to attach your Affiliate URL to the Advertising Banner. For Affiliate matters, please speak with SingSaver/eKos_connect.
  • How does the Pin Review and Discussion feature work?
    Pinning your favourite Review and Discussion ensures that they are always at the top of the section. You can do this by selecting your favourite review and discussion from your SeedlyBusiness dashboard and click on the pin icon. Given that 95% of users engage with the first review on our Seedly product pages, you will make a lasting first impression.
  • How does Featured Comments on Page work?
    When you use your Verified Business Profile to comment in a discussion tagged to your product, your comments will be featured automatically on your Product Page regardless if there are other comments with higher upvotes.
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